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Meta Branding

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

Are there brands in the metaverse? I have no idea. I can't image that they're not in the metaverse at this point...

The metaverse is happening. That is a fact. People will be there. Those people will have a way to spend money. The possibilities are as endless as your questions.


If you're a retail brand should you consider sponsoring virtual clothing?

Brands do this all the time. Like when the The Limited partnered with the tv series Scandal, except you might not have to pay Kerrie Washington $10 Million...

Should you find out which metaverse out there

that caters to your demographic?

Should you get a ballpark figure on potential revenue?

Should you work directly with an up and coming universal avatar platform like Ready Player Me?

Should you create NFTs of your products to sell on a platform like OpenSea?


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