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In 2020, I set a goal to start generating my own product content/articles. My assumption was that, at a minimum, it would be a great valuable exercise in communication and self-expression. The upside being that maybe had I some intelligent thoughts that be the foundation of something bigger...

Here's some examples -

Substack Articles:

Uploading an Image - First of a series that introduce key product concepts that fit into a larger, metaphorical concept I call the "Product Table".

I will continue to give these key product concepts "A Seat At The Table" where I summarize their importance. My plan is to build on this and leverage it as a strategic "playbook" that I might use for digital product consulting somewhere down the road.

"Product Strategy Spectrum" - This is first article I ever wrote. Its about micro vs macro product strategy.

I probably have another handful of published articles and 30-40 draft articles in various stages of completion that I'm working on as well...

Articles still in "Draft"
Below is a small sample from the 30+ articles I started but haven't finished... They definitely require explanation.
MLS Audi Player Index - this is about an idea for a SaaS customer engagement metric that would evolve into an industry-wide standard for growth/performance
Converse - I did this after my 2nd interview with Converse for a product role. 

Kodak & The Build Trap - so far just the foundation for my critique of a popular product management book.

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