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In 2013 I created the feature roadmap for
The first major release boosted conversion by 16% resulting in an incremental gain of $1 Million over the next 12 months. On the Express mobile app this would equal about $30 Million.

The Limited mobile site converted at 0.68% when I created that first feature roadmap. 2 years later it was converting at over 1%

I also owned the the delivery of those features as the product owner facilitating delivery through our 3rd party mobile development consultants

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User growth from 2,700 users to over 10,000 in 3 years culminating in ~$30M acquisition of our all-in-one CRM platform for home improvement industry, improveit 360. Reporting directly to the CTO.

Gray Fashion


I believe that the mobile ecommerce evolves every 3-5 years with new, advancing technology that ultimately levels the playing field all retailers. This opens the door for young, disruptive brands and

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Existing brands can take advantage of these 3-5 year cycles by pivoting quickly to be at the forefront of emerging channels like live video shopping.



With any leap forward in technology, ignoring the fundamentals like speed, design, and user experience will can be a fatal flaw for brands already trending in the wrong direction.

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